We propose high-level services to enhance your private network for telephony and application such as


When you need to reevaluate your telephony and contact centers tools and functionalities, our audit missions will bring to you the degree of the profitability of your functional and technical environment. We will then provide to you recommendations of technical and functional tools and methods to enhance or to implement in your environment.


We provide to you expert knowledge for a various types of situations: formalizing your functional requirements, building your functional specification's documentation, need for high level of technical expertise on CTI or IVR areas.


We take care of your overall telephony and/or contact center project management; we focus on the planning and the execution of the tasks to achieve the expected results on time. Our method oversees associated products and services. Project help tools are used to help ensure good practices. We can also help you for recruiting and building your project team. Based on your technical knowledge and expertise we make projections about the project's risks and uncertainties.



Project Management

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